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Like many of my friends and colleagues, I am so over the mindless political rants, fake news, and haters on Facebook. I'm sure you've heard the whisperings, people are leaving the network in droves.

Facebook is increasingly becoming a waste of life. I want to hang out with intelligent people, people interested in getting more out of their business and their life.

People who think that reading, learning, and sharing experiences is something you should never grow out of. People who would rather talk about good books, new ideas or leadership than trashing some idiot who is ranting on their news feed.

So, I created my own community for the golf industry.

It’s the perfect combination of content and community, a place you can give or get ideas and experiences while making new friends around the world.

I hope you will join me!

Who is the New Golf Operator Magazine & Community For?

People who are serious about the business of golf (which isn’t that many!). But, that’s ok, the ones we are looking for in our network are, early adopters, opinion leaders, and people dedicated to being the best they can be in their profession.

  • Course owners
  • Golf professionals
  • Club managers
  • Superintendents
  • Board members
  • And anyone who cares about the future of their club

What Are the Benefits?

Cutting-edge sales, marketing, and management ideas. All in a fresh new format with exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else. Upcoming feature articles include Marketing to Millennials. Top ten trends in the golf industry 2024. Why it’s time to leave Facebook and where your club must go instead. How finding your club's “Why” will bond people to you like never before. The mystery of the missing 3,000 rounds and how to get them back again.

Plus, much more in easy-to-find categories including Sales, Marketing, Management, Leadership, and F & B. Make better, well-informed decisions about the things that are most important to your club or career.

News from around the world. Openings, closings, appointments, job opportunities, new equipment, fashion, technology, and more. You will never have to search for the best golf business stories or opportunities because we will bring them to you every day!

High-level networking and discussions. Our discussions will cut out the mindless chatter found on Facebook and focus on topics that will improve your business. Meet people from all around the world and make some new friends as they share their experiences daily

Uncensored opinions on the topics that matter. We don’t bow to the censorship and sensibilities of the NGCOA, PGA, USAGA or any other organization in the golf industry. Our commentaries are real, unsoiled by politics, and often contrary to other’s opinions

Direct access to me, Andrew Wood. There is no big staff maintaining this site, just me, your questions and comments will be answered by me giving you the benefit of my 21 years of golf marketing experience without the $ 500-an-hour price tag!

New content provides daily inspiration and thought-provoking conversations. Posts include articles, videos, PDFs, special reports, and courses that will help you increase your business.

Meet people who share your interests, who do the same things, or who care about the same topics from around the world. This community is about connection, not just great content!

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